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Product Designer

Open Food Network UK
Remote working

Posted: 25/06/2020

Deadline: 10/07/2020

Compensation: See below

Paid Part-time Flexible hours

Job description

Up to now design work has been done ad-hoc, either through occasional freelance work, by design unicorns who fit it around their day jobs (we’ve been pretty lucky that way), by volunteer effort, or for smaller things by product owners who have ​some​ interaction design skills. Up to now we haven’t prioritised validation with users, it’s been more of a reactive process once something is live and in use.

In spite of this, we’re in an OK place. But more and more we’re feeling the lack of product design capability, and we have reached the point where we long for this kind of expertise in our team, to find balance between design and development as we build our product. Often we have designers come to us with offers of volunteer time, and yet, though we need them, we find it difficult to onboard them with the tools and knowledge they need to take on work.

And so, we find ourselves ready and keen for a most excellent and experienced Product Designer to come onboard, establish the design practice within our software team, and integrate good design into everything we do. Yay!

This person would work closely with the people managing local versions of the product, especially those currently involved in product work, with users, and with the software delivery team.

It’s definitely going to be challenging (but fun!), as the product is deployed and operated in multiple (and increasing) locations around the world by different organisations with needs and priorities that are often the same but sometimes very different. Working with our new product manager and these local managers, this role will define the way these differences and similarities are catered for within the product, to meet the needs of a growing user base and to give them an ever-improving user experience.

They will take all the work done by other designers and consolidate it into one place, and build on this so that we have an amazing design repo of assets and processes that makes it easy to onboard other designers, and for developers and product managers to stop painting outside the lines as things get built.

Key Responsibilities​ - Your core responsibility is to build a design ecosystem for the OFN, that makes it easy for design contributions by both paid and volunteer designers. This could include processes, assets, etc, that a good design practice requires to effectively build good product.

  • Assess the current design maturity in OFN and identify the most relevant activities required to build the foundations for effective design contributions.

  • Engage with the rest of the team, existing and potential contributors to define and document processes that enable the open source and design community to participate in the OFN.

  • Collect and expand on current design assets for other people to quickly onboard and contribute to the open source project.

    Alongside this, there will be some work to understand, design and deliver outcomes for key product initiatives, while actively participating in product roadmap decisions with the team. Location​ - Ideally, the role will be based where we already have team members who work on the product. This means somewhere within or close to the European or Australian time zones. We all work remotely, but we would like the possibility of occasional co-working (in a post-Covid world), and it can get difficult to coordinate team catch ups when too many time zones need to be catered for. Contact hours​ - Right now, this particular role will be part time, 20-30 hours per week. We also see this as the first of a couple of design roles for the team, as there’s a lot of work to be done and great benefit in having peers. Given the global nature of the product, there will sometimes be the need to work outside of normal business hours. The good news is that mostly the team in Europe work during daytime hours, a good reason for the role to be based there. If in the Australian time zone there will likely be a need for evening work to crossover with the European day. We’re a super flexible workplace, other than time zone accommodation there’s no set expected contact hours. You define when you work, and fit in sessions with others when convenient for all involved.

Please find all the info here.

Salary: We have a transparent salary policy, where the team working on the product are paid equally based on their level of experience and their geographical location. The current version of the salary table is in the ​OFN contributor handbook​.

Application information

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