Young people's views shared in How Farming Can Cool the Planet

Young people from across food, farming and climate organisations have come together to explore how they can tackle the climate crisis collectively. 

Monday 4 March 2024

How Farming Can Cool The Planet is a collaborative project between SOS-UK (Students Organising for Sustainability), FLAME (the youth branch of The Landworkers' Alliance), and NFYFC (the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs).

The project has brought together young people from a range of backgrounds and experiences to connect on common ground and explore solutions for a climate-friendly farming sector of the future. This has included farm visits, developing resources and speaking at events. Several of them attended the Oxford Real Farming Conference in January 2024 where they were able to further their learning and be inspired by many of the speakers. 

Getting involved in the project has allowed the young people to link the bigger picture of the global food system to what they do day-to-day be it as young farmers or as activists. 

One of the SOS-UK students, Leo Hajduck, told us,

"Something absolutely has to be done by someone imminently [in the global climate crisis]. Diverse communities need power handed back to them and given the adequate time and resource to autonomously deliberate and discuss roadmaps for the future."

Projects such as this provide opportunities for young people to see that there are career opportunities to influence change within the sustainable food movement. Whatever your skills, interest or chosen subject, there could be a job for you. 

Leo also said that the project had furthered her desire to pursue a career in sustainable food and farming and that for them it "is essential that I work in some capacity towards building a cooler, more regenerative planet for all." We're sure many other young people would agree! 

Find out more about How Farming Can Cool The Planet on the SOS-UK website.

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