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Sourdough Baker

Docker Fermentation Ltd
East Yard, Folkestone Harbour CT20 1QH

Posted: 16/05/2018

Deadline: 08/06/2018

Compensation: £18-21k

Paid Full-time

Job description

The Business

Docker is a sourdough bakery and craft beer brewery that is passionate about making the best product we possibly can with the best ingredients, even if it is not the cheapest or the most profitable.  That’s not to say the business is not doing well though - Folkestone is a popular weekend destination (and commutable to London) and there is a strong appetite for high quality bread and beer that is growing day by day.

The Beginnings

Docker was started by Wes Burden and Pete Nelson in 2016 after they identified a gap in the local market for Artisan Bread and Craft Beer - two of their passions.  They were joined soon after by Ben Thompson who along with Wes became the bakery team (whilst Pete developed the brewing side of the business). The business started in a shipping container on a wasteland at the harbour and has progressed to a new custom-built double shipping container building in a prime spot by the Harbour Arm next to a hip Vegan Restaurant.  Look it up in the links below - it’s a burgeoning local foodie scene and as part of that we’ve been covered in the national press.

Where we are now

We are well regarded by top restaurants in the area for both bread and beer. After two years of developing a good wholesale business we are now looking to grow our retail business with more opening hours and a taproom for selling beer and light snacks. We have just employed a sales assistant and some part time bar staff and the new location is going down well with the possibility of strong seasonal sales through the summer tourist season.  

What we need

With the business growing we are looking for a passionate and talented person to help us increase our capacity and range.  Sourdough experience is essential and patisserie experience would be a massive plus point. We need someone with commercial experience in these areas. The job is physically demanding as we are often lifting bags and dough of 25kg and more.  A driving licence would be pretty much essential but if we found someone amazing then we could work around that.

What this could mean for you

The lifestyle that can be found in a place like this is second to none.  If you are working in a big city and fancy a change then Folkestone could really be the place for you.  It’s cheap, has a Triennial art festival and is being transformed by massive investment by Roger De Haan (former owner of Saga and now local philanthropist).  There are good schools and and a strong cultural scene developing. There are many open-minded people who are interested in art, music, food and nature.

What we expect from you

As an experienced baker you already know that the hours are anti-social - that’s a given with this role. Also sometimes there will be extra time to put in when we have a large order to complete.  But we try to be as fair as possible and want you to have a life outside of work. The business is small still and there is still room to make a real difference. The most important traits we are looking for are:

  • An extensive knowledge and experience of Sourdough baking

  • Reliability

  • Passion

  • Energy

  • Love of bread


Application information

Next steps

No need to send us a detailed cover letter - please just send us a CV or an outline of your experience. We will make initial selections to interview in Folkestone. We don’t need references yet so don’t bother sending them.  We will keep the process confidential so you won’t be at risk with your current employer.

You need to be able to show us you are permitted to work in the UK full-time.

Please mention Roots to Work when applying for these jobs

About Docker Fermentation Ltd

Docker is a sourdough bakery and craft beer brewery that is passionate about making the best product we possibly can with the best ingredients. We sell our products to wholesale customers and from our premises on Folkestone Harbour.