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2021/22 Social Innovation Fellowship

Year Here
18 London Lane E8 3PR

Posted: 29/04/2021

Deadline: 06/06/2021


Job description

Launch a food-based social startup in a year

Year Here is an immersive full-time course in social innovation, kicking off on 30th August 2021.

At a time of national crisis, we have an opportunity to reimagine society. Starting a scalable social business could be your best shot at impact – and learning on the frontline is where you need to start.

Over 10 months, you’ll gain deep insight into complex social issues and learn to build entrepreneurial solutions to society’s toughest problems.

If selected to become a Fellow, you will:

  • Get frontline insights. You’ll spend the first 5 months working with the people hit hardest by austerity and gaining deep user insight. To deepen your systemic understanding, you’ll also work on briefs set by clients like Crisis, the NHS and the Greater London Authority.
  • Meet your co-founders. Our Fellows have an average of 7 years’ career experience in fields ranging from biochemistry to law, and from journalism to engineering. They will become your support network, your collaborators and, ultimately, your co-founders.
  • Build scalable ventures. You’ll test and build your own social business, with the potential to progress to our Incubator and launch it into the world. Venture teams are guided by expert partners like the Boston Consulting Group, ForwardPMX and BNYMellon.
  • Learn from expert faculty. You’ll get a personal mentor and receive tonnes of training from a faculty of more than 80 social innovation leaders – from award-winning social designer Lauren Currie OBE to Nishant Lalwani, Managing Director at Luminate.

Beyond Year Here

Finish the programme with a venture and you’ll get seed funding, business support, desk space and client introductions to launch your business.

Our alumni have launched 42 social ventures, including many food-based social enterprises. 

  • Fat Macy'strains homeless Londoners to run supper clubs and cater events, with profits going into a savings scheme helping them raise a deposit for their first flat.
  • MigratefulA cookery school led by refugees, who teach their traditional cuisines to the public. Migrateful celebrates migrants as they make their journey towards integration.
  • Kitchio, a recipe box that improves access to nutrition through tasty, quick meals at low prices.

Our impact

Since launching in 2013 at 10 Downing St, we have worked with 256 Fellows who collectively have contributed 161,280 hours to crucial frontline services.

Our 42 alumni ventures have raised millions in investment and reached over 5,000 service users to date.

No course fees

Unlike a Master's degree or MBA, we have no tuition fee. This is a reimagination of higher education. Rather than spending a year in a lecture hall and paying £10,000 for the privilege, we challenge you to learn by doing – working on real social impact projects. Our partners pay us to be involved and that covers your tuition costs.

To widen access to the programme we have a small number of means-tested bursaries available, and offer additional support through TfL discounts and recommendations for flexible paid work and affordable accommodation.

Selection Process

We’re looking for people with a solid professional skillset and an entrepreneurial track record. This doesn’t mean you have to have started your own business before but you will need to demonstrate that you have a bias towards action. Drive, passion for social justice and a strong learning orientation are also essential.

It’s a 3-stage process: a written application, video interview and half-day selection workshop. Typically, 1 in 10 applicants secure a place on the programme.

Apply by midnight Sunday 6th June. 

Register to start your application at

Year Here recognises that some communities have been historically excluded from the Social Innovation space. We are committed to playing our part in ensuring talent from within these communities can take part in our programme. We pride ourselves in fostering diverse talent, faculty and curriculum and believe lived experience drives innovation. We actively encourage applications from Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQI+ and Disabled communities as well as people who are pregnant or have caring responsibilities. We also recognise the importance of diversity of thought within our programme and are fully committed to embracing the talents of people with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and other forms of neurocognitive variation. We will always seek to make appropriate adjustments to recruitment, workplaces, and work processes to be fully inclusive to people with different needs and working styles. If you need us to make any reasonable adjustments for you from application onwards, including alternatives to the online form or to disclose a neurocognitive condition, please email us at

To find out more, please reach out to the above email address or read this article about our Black Lives Matter, Anti-Racism and Diversity and Inclusion Commitments or our hiring and selection practices.

Application information

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About Year Here

YEAR HERE IS A POSTGRADUATE COURSE IN SOCIAL INNOVATION BASED IN LONDON The course is a platform for entrepreneurial people to build smart solutions to entrenched social problems. It’s immersive, action-oriented and grounded in the lived experience of Londoners in care homes, hostels and youth services across London. Our Fellows try their hand at building creative, scalable responses to social problems, supported by industry mentoring and a rigorous social innovation curriculum.